Donyelle is an artist and healer from Minneapolis, MN. A lifelong student of African diasporic culture, she has been practicing culture as a means for self-reflection and healing with the Cultural Wellness Center since 2006.

In 2016 while looking for tools to work with her European ancestry, she was introduced to the Völva Stav tradition and began her apprentice with the Völva Stav Guild in 2017.

A healer and spiritualist, she works and studies from home working medicinal and magical herbs cultivated in her garden.

Donyelle's fiber, sculptural, healing and literary arts are guided by a deeply held belief in “Living Ancestors” and their wisdom and power to guide the healing the Oorlog of the individual, community, and the land.

Donyelle lives and works on the northside of Minneapolis, Mn

      Reading Öorlog or Ancestor Readings


What is Öorlog?

On her website, Nordic roots educator, musician, and author, Kari Tauring defines Öorlog as follows:

“Öorlog is the summation of an individual human inheritance (physical, spiritual, ancestral, environmental and cultural). It includes genetic codes, epi-genetic markers, meta genetic material, memories stored in the brain stem and passed on consciously or unconsciously from one generation to the next. It is ‘past precedence.' “

She goes on to say:

“The things our ancestors lived through and the coping mechanisms they developed and the belief systems they held are all part of our öorlog, our own past precedence, the laws our family of origin have come to live by…that which holds our lineage together.” *

In my practice, I view the individual within this framework. When a person (sitter) comes to me seeking to connect with a beloved ancestor, I first tell them that I cannot guarantee that the desired ancestor is going to be the one to present—though often times the desired ancestor does come through, because the connection to a specific ancestor is linked to the sitter’s ӧorolg.

For example, a sitter—let’s call her Tisha—asks me to help her connect with her departed  great-grandmother Sherly  more....

Sister Dee in action:

Making Aronia Berry Syrup #makingdatmedicine

Please feel free and encouraged to contact me if you have any questions about my work, if you are interested in scheduling a consultation or our would like to be informed of upcoming events and workshops.


Tel: 612-298-7122

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