Ancestor doll workshop

Ancestor doll workshops can be a powerful and fun way to connect with your ancestors, known and unknown, while in supportive group space.

Groups of up to 12 people are led through a series of steps to explore our connection to our ancestors.

The workshops are broken up into three simple journeys:

  • simple guided meditation

  • voluntary truth telling/storytelling

  • and a doll making exercise

Although I will provide everything one needs to make a simple Waldorf-inspired doll, participants are encouraged to bring doll making items that have special meaning to personalize their creation. For example, a loved one’s old tie, beads from a broken necklace, dried lavender, flowers or other herbs from your garden. We are making these dolls to be a reminder of the feelings, thoughts, memories, and experience we have around our ancestors.

The process is often a light-hearted exploration into ourselves and our relationships with our loved ones. While easy banter and laughter during a session has been the norm, sometimes the experience of connecting to our deeper selves can be painful, so it is also normal to witness the cleansing release of tears. The goal is not to create a “group therapy” situation, but to co-create a supportive and fun listening circle, ready to hold space for what comes to the surface.

$50 per person

5-person minimum

contact me to talk about how you can book this workshop for your group!


Tel: 612-298-7122

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